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What We Do

A Family’s Transition

The twilight years can be difficult, but the right choice can make all the difference. A good senior living advisor can help guide a family to solutions by helping them find the best communities we have to offer. The decision is deeply personal, but we can help families make a smooth transition.

Modern Choices, Modern Living

Assisted Living is a wonderful option for many seniors. Far different than the stark “nursing home” settings of our grandparent’s era, today’s assisted living communities are vibrant busy communities filled with activities, music, great food, and companionship. Some are more like being on a cruise ship with the bountiful amenities, elegant décor, jam-packed activities calendar, and planned social events. Others are a home equivalent, with intimate settings and home cooked meals. Like-wise, Memory Care communities are doing amazing things for people with dementia; aroma therapy, music therapy, and many other cutting-edge programs to help create a peaceful life.

Our Compassionate Expertise

Just as there are levels to the loss of physical functionality and mental clarity, there are corresponding levels of care to mitigate those losses. Your choices will be determined by several factors: financial constraints, personal preference, safety, and speed of acceptance. Like any change, it takes time to accept a new reality and mourn the loss of what was. Referred to as “Anticipatory Grief,” we dwell on the loss of what is coming and so, hold tight to whatever is left of what we had. It is normal and painful but is part of the process of letting go.

The task of the senior living advisor is to help ease that transition, to guide families through the decision, and to act as a facilitator in locating the resources they may need. It requires compassion, dedication, patience and persistence to bring a family comfortably through the process.

Our knowledge is unparalleled

Our motivation and joy is to help others during this time of transition. Utilize our experience and passion to help your family successfully find the right home and assistance for you and your loved one. We are knowledgeable about the local assisted living communities and are highly effective in guiding you through this difficult process.

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