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Janus proudly assists many families, removing the fear, stress, and knowledge gap during this difficult journey. Founded because of our own personal experiences, our team vows to ease the journey suffered by families faced with placing their loved ones into assisted living.

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We will dedicate the time necessary to find the right fit for your loved one, carefully matching their medical needs, geographic preference, and financial constraints to the facilities that meet these criteria, holding your hand every step of the way. Guidance is available to appropriate government benefits and other services to make your placement happen quickly and efficiently. Our service is usually at no cost to the family.

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At Janus, we not only listen to the family’s concerns about their loved one’s care, but also get to know the person we’re finding a new home for. We offer recommendations some may not have considered and take the time to personally show why our recommendations suit the individual’s needs and address the family’s concerns.

David Slonim, Founder

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      Our motivation and joy is to help others during this time of transition. Please allow our experience and passion to help your family successfully find the right home and assistance for you and your loved one. We are knowledgeable about the local assisted living facilities and are highly effective in guiding you through this difficult process.

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